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introduction is the hardest part

hello, my name is crystal. i am 22 living in california. i have been married for three years and i have a 2 year old little boy. my marriage gas been difficult from the begining, with to many people outside of us involved. constantly told what a mistake we were making, why i wasn't good enough for him, and all that jazz. There has been many lies and broken trust through out the three years too. I have stuck through this long with a man i am no longer in love with for every one else. every one's opinions and wants mattered more then my own. I have been unhappy for the last 2 years and at a loss as to what to do. i did not want to prove every one right either. so i have reached the point that for my sanity and my happiness i need to leave. for me and my son, who deserves a happy home to grow up in. we have been gone, visint in virginia for the last 6 months. we came back to california just two weeks ago to pack the stuff up and move to louisiana with family. i have talked to my husband and we agreed we need to be friends for our sons sake. and that was nice to be able to agree on. now it doesn't seem to have to do with anything but wanting sex from me before i go. that is all he is concerned about that is all he ever talks about. not spending time with his son, just getting layed. and i am wrong for not understanding. it makes me feel so cheap and reinforces one of many reasons why this is the right thing to do. there is so more to this then what i can write here. i am having trouble gathering my thoughts at the moment.
i am i need of a friend and some advice. i am here alone my friends being out in virginia and one of them being my sister-n-law and putting her in an akward position. i am hoping to find that here in this community. thanks.
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