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Not sure what to do

Ok I am new here and I see a lot of posts about people breaking up with them but not many on people who are looking to end a relationship. If this is the wrong spot for this, please let me know.

On to my post.
I have been married for 6 years and my wife and I have two wonderful children. The problem lies in the fact that my wife has not been really "intimate" with me in over 4 years. While we have had the obligitory sex everynow and then, she does not show any real intimacy (kissing, hugging, etc) towards me at all. I have brought this up so many times I feel like a broken record, and in fact we have been at this spot on a number of occasions.
We tried to "open" up our relationship which she has taken full advantage of on a number of occasions, while I have sat back and not wanted to. It has killed me to see her be passionate with other men while I have had none of the passion from her.
I recently went on a trip for a conference and met the most amazing woman with whom I spent an inordinate amount of time with, talking, walking, kissing but not having sex. It was far more than just a "fling" and I realized what I have been missing from my wife.
However the worst thing came to be, I fell in love with this other woman and she feels the same for me.
This made me realize that for all my asking and practically begging my wife to love me and to be in love with me, I realized I am no longer in love with her and havent been for a long time.
The dilema lies in the fact that my children are young, the woman I am in love with is 2500 miles away and I dont know what I am supposed to do.
Do I pack up and move away to be with this woman, do I stay and hope for the best from my wife, already knowing that things will always come back to where we are now (past histoy dictates).
Anyone out there in LJ land have any advise they wish to share?
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