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The Nerve

I basically told my soon to be ex-wife that she has to move out of the house by June 1st. I can't stand living with her anymore even though we have seperate bedrooms. She comes back to me and says that she needs monetary help in moving. I agreed to pay half of the moving expense for the actually move. She told me that she needed help to pay for the pet deposit or she may have to put her cat to sleep. Last night I just found out that she is paying her unemployed, lazy ass, boyfriend a plane ticket from CA to MO for July so he can come up and meet her. I told her that if she wanted to choose her boy toy over her cat then that's her deal not mine.

Sorry...A tad pissed right now.

Update: She now wants me to pay for half for things like towels, plates, glasses, etc. as moving expenses. I told her that why I don't I give her all the old stuff and I can go out and buy new items and she can reimburse me for half.
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