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I just wanted to stick my head up and say hello. I just joined this group a couple days ago.
Like Crystal said a month ago, introductions are the hardest part.
I don't know that I'm quite ready to spill all my laundry in a public journal. The extremely short version is that I am divorced due to infidelity on my Ex's part with two women he met online (locally on a BBS, this was a while ago now.) Just reading everyone's stories before this was too heart-rending right now. I joined because that knife still twists years later. Sometimes I thought I'd moved on or healed. Sometimes I wonder if I ever really will. I also see a bigger pattern in my life - I always seem to choose unfaithful men somehow. I don't know why, and I'm the sort who knows everything about everything I do, normally.
Anyway, maybe there are answers here, or at least empathy. Carry on.
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