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I Can't Believe This!

I just made a recent discovery about my soon to be ex-wife's boyfriend. Just out of curiosity I did a internet search on his AOL ID of latino6969101 and came up with the following web site:

On there is a log of him propisitioning for sex what he believes is a 14 year old female. Why is this such a concern to me? Because I have an 8 year old daughter. Right now my wife and I are in divorce mediation but I am about to drop that and seek an attorney. I can't frelling belive that this is happening. I always asked my wife how much did dhe know about him since he lives in CA and we live in MO. I always said, "For all you know he could be a pedophile." Even I never thought I would be hitting so close to home.

What further I can't believe is that he is going to college to be a school teacher.
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